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“Wendy Heshka provided us with a series of excellent presentations and workshops focused on crisis communication and media relations. These were of great value to our members, empowering them with innovative ideas and practical processes in case they are faced with any type of crisis. Wendy’s intimate knowledge of this topic allowed her to provide answers/solutions to a wide range of inquiries from our very divergent group. We intend on continuing to engage Wendy on a regular basis.”
Brad Harrison, President
Backcountry Lodges of BC Association

“As a previous attendee of Wendy Heshka’s communications planning workshop, I can attest to not only the importance of the topic to professional communicators, but also to Wendy’s no-nonsense approach to tackling it. The workshop forced me to crystallize my own communications planning, be more articulate about strategy, and be more forceful about measuring reach and business impact. I would recommend this class to any professional who is trying to take a communications project from idea to execution – and cares about its value to a broader campaign or organization. Wendy is a well-prepared teacher who brings plenty of experience to the topic, and importantly, she’s able to customize the workshop for different individuals and backgrounds — allowing participants to immediately implement an improved communications plan in their own organization.”
Derek Moscato, Director of Marketing and Communications

Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University

“Wendy seamlessly weaves the kinds of communication theory that I teach with practical, hands-on cases, often times drawn from her own extensive experience.  But she’s able to engage with students in a way that many educators train years to master; Wendy makes it seem effortless.”
Mark Wallin, PhD
Thompson Rivers University

“Wendy is a great communicator. She makes the session fun and creates a comfortable environment.”
TRU Journalism Student

“Wendy excelled at bringing the intricate world of communications plans to members.”
Anita Kelm, Director of Marketing
Alberta Union of Municipalities

“Your marketing strategy was exactly what we needed.”
Citrus Restaurant

“The Strategic Communication Planning Workshop was one of the best sessions I’ve been to. Great diversity in ways of delivering information, well-organized and best of all you delivered on what was outlined at the start.”
Cara McGregor

The Law Society of British Columbia

“I found a lot of value in your workshop. Great tips and tools to get started and I also really liked the discussions and sharing of others’ experiences. It was well worth my time.”
Anisa Montgomery, CA
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“I attended your workshop and wanted to let you know that it was probably THE most useful session I attended. Your hands-on approach and group work was exactly what I was looking for.  It was extremely valuable to apply your recommendations with the input of fellow communications professionals at our table.”
Ruth Juliebo, Communications Specialist

“I have done a number of strategic plans in the past; however, you put all the elements together in a way that really resonated with me. I think that my next strategic plan will be much improved as a result of attending the workshop.”
Amanda Brittain, MA, ABC
Association of BC Forest Professionals

“Your workshop received the highest rating of any session of the entire conference! Great work.”
Renee Summers

IABC Western Canada Conference